One in Three Ready for New Year Creative Career

Every year millions of Britons resolve to make a change in their work situation, with finding a new job one of the top New Year’s Resolutions. But new research has shown that over a third of us are ready to log off from their desk-bound jobs entirely and launch a creative career.

A study of 2,000 UK adults shows 35 per cent want to study subjects such as photography, music and interior design – rather than carry on with their existing roles. In fact, if money were no object eight in 10 people would leave their jobs immediately to pursue a fine craft profession.

One in ten UK employees productive for under one hour per day

The average Brit is ‘at their best’ for just four-and-a-half hours a day, new research reveals.The main reasons for below-par performance include tiredness, energy slumps and constant distractions from the internet and our colleagues. One in ten people feel on form for as just an hour or less per day.

Reinvigorate Your Job In The New Year

With Christmas just around corner, the thought of returning to work after the festive break may feel like a world away.  Setting the alarm – and even worse, getting up for the first day back in January is one of the hardest tasks of the year.

However, it doesn’t have to be.  Instead you could be returning to work with a spring in your step, motivated for the challenges ahead and keen to make 2016 your year to achieve the things you’ve always wanted to.

Concentrating on the Spiritual rather than the Physical could lead to Prosperity this New Year

Cutting Truths by Michael Levy

"In life, there is always an easy way or a hard way to do everything", so says Michael Levy, American author, philosopher and lecturer. In this article, he shares how five simple New Year resolutions relating to business & lifestyle could lead you to true success.

Rescue yourself from busy and stressful working days

Neil Shah from the Stress Management Society and Sally Wisbey, Nutritionist have come up with some tips to help give you feel cool, calm and collected so you can see the pros and cons of the situation.

How To Get A Job You Love This New Year

If you’re job hunting, January can be the best time to address your approach to applications. This article will give you the key resolutions that you need to make yourself more employable.

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