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Most of us will admit that getting healthy and fit is probably our most recurring – and most difficult to achieve – New Year’s resolution. Whether we’ve put on a bit of weight over Christmas or have been unhappy with our waistline for a while, it’s hard to escape the reminders that we need to do something about it. The TV ad breaks are plagued with adverts for celebrity fitness DVDs, and the magazines are keen to share the latest faddy diets. Finding the motivation to go to the gym alone can actually be quite arduous, so perhaps using Be Inspired to find a new hobby or team sport is the answer.


Mind, Body & Soul Goals At New Year

Consumers seek healthy mind, body and spirit at New Year

Consumers Want To Look & Feel Better At New Year

Consumers often set resolutions that focus on how they look and feel about themselves

New Year, New Hobbies & Skills

6 million people resolve to take up a new hobby or skill in the New Year.

Want Your New Year Wasted Or Waisted?

Instead of get your New Year wasted, get it Waisted! Waisted UK offer high quality affordable latex waist trainers for women. With seven different styles in a range of different colours, Waisted UK has seen a huge rise in demand.

Don't Let Another Year Show On Your Face

While the whole world celebrates another New Year, a lot of people aren't really enjoying the fact that another year has gone by. Beauty lovers try everything they can to look younger, and some of the methods can be potentially dangerous. The award winning Exilis Elite at Cavendish Clinics is a great alternative without needles and supplements!

Move To France At Your Fingertips

While some people only hope for a weekend getaway in the New Year, others dream bigger. Many people have a dream of moving to a new country and living in the sun—and France’s Côte d’Azur region is one of the most popular spots for Britons looking to buy property abroad. With the help of E.A.M. International, this year can be the time to finally realise your dream!

Your True Resolutions? Ask Your Inner Self First

Try not rush to set the New Year resolutions. When we create our intentions, we need to connect with our inner self for our true desires. According to Libre Tea, tea moments help to keep the calm during the holiday season. Take time to think about what inspires you, what do you desire, what are the changes you’d like to make and WHY.

How One Woman Changed Her Life In A Year

As Shelley approached another New Year, she decided to set herself a challenge and show her clients that goals, dreams and resolutions can be achieved. She resolved to complete her list one month at a time and to ensure she stuck fastidiously to it she decided to blog the entire year for the world to see. Here’s what happened.

How To Get A Job You Love This New Year

If you’re job hunting, January can be the best time to address your approach to applications. This article will give you the key resolutions that you need to make yourself more employable.


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