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4 Healthier Chocolate Recipes

Many will be looking to give up their guilty pleasures and eat more healthily for their New Year’s Resolution, but here are 4 easy recipes to indulge your sweet tooth and keep that promise to yourself.

Remember, while these are definitely healthier, the key is always not to over-indulge, even if these delicious recipes make it that much harder!

How to Succeed at the No.1 Failed New Year’s Resolution

Losing weight is the top New Year’s resolution every year and the hardest to keep, with 42% of people not even lasting a month. Success is also potentially short lived with 98% of people losing weight through dieting, gaining it back within a year. That’s only two people in every hundred being successful at losing weight and keeping it off.  The other ninety eight are on it then off it, restricting then bingeing, hopeful then hopeless, excited then disappointed, thinking this time will be different, but then failing once again. Losing, then gaining the same pounds over and over.

Year of Literary Heroes Perfect Incentive to Pick up a Book AND See the Country

For many, reading more books or "getting into" classic literature is the perfect New Year’s Resolution, and this could be a great year to start, as VisitEngland has declared 2017 the “Year of Literary Heroes”. A host of events to celebrate famous authors and their works will be taking place, coinciding with some of the most significant anniversaries in English literature, providing you with the opportunity not just to indulge your New Year’s Resolution, but to experience the inspiration for these great works firsthand.

200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death

One in ten UK employees productive for under one hour per day

The average Brit is ‘at their best’ for just four-and-a-half hours a day, new research reveals.The main reasons for below-par performance include tiredness, energy slumps and constant distractions from the internet and our colleagues. One in ten people feel on form for as just an hour or less per day.

HSBC Encouraging People to Achieve Their Ambitions

A new TV ad campaign from HSBC is encouraging people to follow their dreams. The ad supports the roll out of HSBC’s new global brand positioning “Supporting Human Ambition,” to inspire people to chase their dreams. 

A charismatic tour guide is depicted giving a group a tour around  The Museum of Procrastination. From unused gym membership cards and unfinished novels to musical instruments barely played, the rooms and displays in the museum act as symbols for the dreams people give up on and the ambitions left unexplored.


Sport England research shows the number of people taking part in the top 56 sports has fallen by 11% (an estimated 1.9 million fewer people) since 2007. As Britain faces an epidemic of inactivity contributing to rising levels of obestity and diabetes, that is a worrying trend. However, combat sports are bucking the trend and may hold the key to getting Brits fighting fit. Active participation in combat sports has soared by 23% over the same period, seeing growth of nearly 35,000 people taking up combat sports. 

Coronation Street Star fronts DECHOX campaign

Shayne Ward is challenging the nation to join him and give up chocolate for March as he fronts the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) DECHOX campaign.

Fresh from winning Best Newcomer at this year’s National Television Awards, he is calling on like-minded chocoholics to sign up to DECHOX and get sponsored to help raise £1million for life saving heart research.


A ‘Resolution Translator’ claiming to help people discover the perfect travel destination tied to their New Year's resolutions has discovered some interesting popularity of certain resolutions.


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New Year is the time of year when most of us embark on a detox after over indulging in too much food and alcohol. However we spend a lot of time thinking about what we put IN our body but it’s also important to consider what we put ON our body. Our biggest organ is the skin and it absorbs nutrients and chemicals – both the good and the bad ones. Claire Gray – founder of natural skincare company Ermana – gives her tips for detoxing your skin in the New Year.


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