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Motivation the Key as Two out of Three Resolutions Fail

Research suggest that 66% of Brits abandon their New Year’s Resolutions, with many people citing lack of motivation as the main reason for giving up. An online voucher code and money saving website investigated whether Brits stick to their resolutions or not, what they tend to give up and if they fail, why.  

Don't be a Lad this New Year - Be a Modern Man

Men should forget the pub and fatty snacks this New Year, and join the new breed of super-fit men who have become increasingly prevalent. Modern man is better aware of his diet, knows which fats to avoid and is happy to pay extra for organic produce, according to a recent survey.

The laddish “men behaving badly” culture has been truly left behind, to be replaced by a man who eats at least one superfood every day, has completely deleted sugar from his diet — and has a morbid fear of developing a beer belly.

Why Diets Fail

The start of a New Year is a time when many attempt to make a change to their eating habits, with “going on a diet” being one of the most common New Year's Resolutions. But the reality of diets is that the vast majority fail and the process involved seriously disappoints those who embark on them, according to new research.

Say "Tech-No" This New Year

While on the tube, on the bus or waiting for the train, one glance across the assembled crowd and the majority of people you see will be bent over their smart phones, endlessly scrolling or tapping away. Whether it’s catching up on the news, work emails or social media, we have a tendency to feel as though we’re missing out if we’re not constantly being updated. But when did this become seen as a good idea?

10 superfoods to help shift those extra pounds

So many New Year’s diets focus on what not to eat, what we should be cutting back on, and what we should be avoiding completely. Too few focus on what we should be doing to help our body meet those New Year Resolution goals. Our experts explain why we should try adding these superfoods to our diet, to help combat cravings and assist in staying slim.

1.       Stay full with salmon

Losing Weight Is Child’s Play, According to New Research

Those resolving to lose weight in the New Year should forget running, walking and other traditional exercises and go back to the playground, according to new research.

Old school works-out like star jumps, hopscotch and skipping burn more calories and use more muscles than the nation’s favourite ways to work out. Experts claim those wanting to drop dress-sizes would be better off skipping for 15 minutes to lose 215 calories, rather than running for the same amount of time, which uses just 150 calories.

‘Thinspiration’ is the key to losing weight

With so many resolving to lose weight in the New Year, new research seems to indicate that it is better to do it in a group than on your own, as ‘Thinspiration’ is the real key to losing weight.

The ‘biggest loser’ in weight loss groups is the greatest motivator for other members, far exceeding the impact of other metrics such as the average group weight loss, new research from the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University finds.

Use Chocolate to Burn Fat Claims Fitness Expert

While many may be looking to make the sacrifice and give up their beloved chocolate this New Year, it is possible that you can actually use that delicious treat to help you lose weight. According to Callum Melly, one of the UK’s leading fitness experts and founder of the Body in 8 programme, you might not be able to have your cake & eat it, but you can have your chocolate & burn stored body fat!

That being said, your chocolate does have to be at least 70% dark chocolate, with higher cocoa concentrations being the best.

Boost Your Health AND Your Favourite Charity This New Year

Many Resolve to begin a fresh, healthy regime to kick-start their New Year but worry they lack the motivation to succeed. If you feel that way, you’re not alone; as a recent study showed just 8% of people who make a New Year’s resolution, actually stick to it.

But one company is introducing a new initiative that could provide just the incentive you need to improve your health, as you simultaneously raise money for your charity of choice.

Make Sure It Sticks: A Guide to Making It Past January in the Gym

The festive period is finished. Once vibrant decorations now appear garish in the cold light of January. All the chocolates are gone – apart from the Turkish truffle centres, and let’s be honest, who wants those – and it’s time to face the music; you have committed to a New Year, New Me gym membership, and now it’s time to start.


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