For many of us getting healthier and fitter in the New Year is our primary goal. After a lot of over eating and over drinking in December we’re left feeling a bit bulky and sad. But if you’re not ready to face the treadmill then simply standing up more could help you wave goodbye to some of those Christmas pounds and make you live longer.

Lose Weight And Earn Money… What Could Be A Better New Year’s Resolution?

If you were looking for some hardcore motivation to lose weight in the New Year, DW Fitness Clubs have partnered with DietBet, an innovative online weight loss challenge where players bet their own money on their weight loss.

Make like a Kangaroo and Bounce Your Way to Fitness This New Year

Every New Year 63% of us make resolutions, and improving our health and losing weight is often a priority. If you are one of the many people that need that something extra to attract you to fitness, classes rather than treadmills are often the best way to go - NYRS Editorial Team Member, Alice Cornelius, tried out Jumping Fitness.


Most of us will admit that getting healthy and fit is probably our most recurring – and most difficult to achieve – New Year’s resolution. Whether we’ve put on a bit of weight over Christmas or have been unhappy with our waistline for a while, it’s hard to escape the reminders that we need to do something about it. The TV ad breaks are plagued with adverts for celebrity fitness DVDs, and the magazines are keen to share the latest faddy diets. Finding the motivation to go to the gym alone can actually be quite arduous, so perhaps using Be Inspired to find a new hobby or team sport is the answer.


An exotic and healthy New Year starts from food

A group of nutritionists selected the best foods and diet tips from around the world that can help us stay healthy, so if you are bored with the same sandwiches and looking for a change carry on reading!

Enjoy some bounces and lose some ounces in the New Year

Air Space – Europe's largest indoor trampoline park – announced the unveiling of FREESTYLE FITNESS, a unique fitness class that combines trampolining, parkour and dynamic/static exercises for the ultimate full-body workout.

Use Your Garden In A New Way This New Year

A survey by garden and conservatory furniture etailer,, has found that the 60% of British adults would prefer to exercise outdoors rather than in a gym or sports hall.

Health & Fitness Primary New Year's Resolution

People are most aware of health and fitness goals at New Year.

New Year Fitness Goals Failed No More

Being in the health and fitness industry for over 12 years, James Trevorrow at Virgin Active shares his top 5 winning traits to help you get going on your fitness journey.

#summeriscoming takes over New Years #noexcuses campaign

East Staffordshire Borough Council launched a "No Excuses!" New Year membership campaign to coincide with the reopening of Uttoxeter Leisure Centre last New Year; their #summeriscoming campaign aims to do the same thing


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