Aching feet are often the price we pay for our work and social lives - 1 in 10 people would happily take a pay cut to wear trainers at work and 41% of women have cut short a night out as their feet were hurting so much.

New research from the College of Podiatry has found that 90% of people experience foot problems. Despite this, only 23% of people who have suffered a foot problem have sought professional help, with 16% admitting that they ignore the problem and hope it will simply go away!



New research from Highland Spring shows how important it is for us to feel good, with three times as many people saying they'd rather be happy than have lots of money. An essential part of any New Year, feeling good starts with healthy hydration. When you're 100% hydrated, you're much more likely to be on top of your game – mentally, physically and emotionally, and that is exactly the condition you will need to be in to put all your New Year’s Resolutions into action.

Half of UK Smokers Are Determined to Quit

If you are looking to stub out your cigarette habit this New Year, then don’t worry, you are not alone. Not only is it one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions year on year, but a new UK wide survey of people who smoke has revealed that over half (52%) are keen to kick the habit.

Money Worries are Costing Brits 71 Sleepless Nights a Year

Attending to your personal finances was second only to improving health and wellbeing as the nation’s top New Year’s Resolution. So if you are worried about your finance, you are far from alone. The average Brit is suffering more than 70 sleepless nights a year over money worries, according to new research.

Want to optimize those 10,000 (or fewer) steps? Walk faster, sit less

One of the big fitness crazes this New Year is sure to be the 10,000 step challenge. Endorsed by the NHS as a “fun way of increasing the amount of physical activity you do” and encouraged by FitBit, Garmin and other fitness trackers; many of those making improving fitness their New Year’s Resolution will be sure to see the challenge as one they can meet.

Pilates meets Boxing, Get fit with Piloxing

The New Year's Resolution show met with Lara and Mia from Piloxing.  Drawing from elements of dance, Pilates and boxing, Piloxing is an inter-disciplinary exercise program that is taken by tens of thousands of people around the globe.

New Dance Workout with a Wiggle from Burlexercise

The New Year's Resolution show met with Katie from Burlexercise. Set up by professional dancers from London's leading Burlesque troupe 'The Folly Mixtures', Burlexercise combines their love of the Burlesque art form with their fitness knowledge and expertise to create a workout with a wiggle!

Box Yourself Fit with Sparbar

The New Year's Resolution Show met with David from Sparbar. Sparbar is an innovative boxing & fitness device is a truly ground breaking product teaching core fundamental boxing skills developing hand eye coordination, footwork, balance, speed, stamina, accuracy and power simulating realistic sparring in a safe environment.

Boogie Bounce let you Trampoline to Fitness

The New Year's Resolution Show met with Jenny and Maria from Boogie Bounce. Boogie Bounce is a complete exercise programme on a mini trampoline, with a safety bar, choreographed to chart topping inspiring music.

Fitness All the Rave with Clubbercise

The New Year's Resolution Show met with Claire from Clubbercise. Clubbercise is a simple, fun dance fitness routines using glow sticks to club anthems from 90′s classics to the latest chart hits taught in a darkened room with disco lights. 


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