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Fewer Smokers & Year-Round Healthy-Eating Change UK's Resolutions

Modern day New Year’s resolutions include cutting back on social media, travelling more, leaving work on time - and taking fewer selfies, a study conducted by Thomas Cook has found.

While age-old resolutions such as dieting and giving up cigarettes are still on the list of pledges for January, a dwindling number of smokers and year-round healthy-eating have seen a host of other resolutions become popular.

Higher wages & career progression drive New Year job searches

According to a survey of 1,000 people in the UK, nearly one in three (32 per cent) Britons have job seeking amongst their New Year’s to-do list, driven primarily by a desire for higher wages and career progression. Searches on Indeed - the world's largest jobsite - increased by 44 per cent between the end of 2015 and January 2016. 

You have a WHOLE YEAR to achieve your resolution

The biggest criticism of New Year's resolutions is that they last for a short time, and then people give up. That's down to a huge misunderstanding about New Year's resolutions. They're called "New YEAR resolutions" for a reason. There's no magic. No one reinvents themselves just because January 1st has come around.

One in four take up exercise to beat the blues

A mood map of Britain reveals the cities most feeling down in the dumps in January.

This unique feelings forecast is based on research conducted with over 2,000* UK folk by package holiday specialist Jet2holidays. Over half of those polled compare their January mood to rain or cloudy weather, whilst just 5% claim to feel sunny. Aberdeen, Leeds and Leicester are the cities most in need of a pick me up while Newcastle is the cheeriest.

Don't just give up. Give

NHS Blood and Transplant is asking people to make a New Year's resolution that saves lives.

Creating positive habits

Habit psychologist, Phillippa Lally, offers tips on how to form new postiive habits in the new year. 

“Do-It” – Make the World a Better Place The New Year


Most of us will admit that getting healthy and fit is probably our most recurring – and most difficult to achieve – New Year’s resolution. Whether we’ve put on a bit of weight over Christmas or have been unhappy with our waistline for a while, it’s hard to escape the reminders that we need to do something about it. The TV ad breaks are plagued with adverts for celebrity fitness DVDs, and the magazines are keen to share the latest faddy diets. Finding the motivation to go to the gym alone can actually be quite arduous, so perhaps using Be Inspired to find a new hobby or team sport is the answer.


Viva La Weight Loss Revolution

The Weight Loss Guru Programme will help you revolutionise your approach to weight loss this New Year.

Turn over a New Leaf and create Good Habits

The Weight Loss Resources 'New Leaf Challenge' says good habits can increase the staying power of your New Year's Revolutions.


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