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New Study Reveals The Nation's New Year Wishes...And Regrets

Everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions, but a new study commissioned by Fiat has given us an insight into the things Britons most desire to change about themselves.

Researchers took an in-depth look at which aspects of our lives Brits would change, with a staggering 39 percent admitting they are not entirely happy with the way their life had turned out. And a staggering 87 percent admitted if they were offered an opportunity to start again, they would take it.

Don't by Struck by the Curse of the 9th

The 9th of January is the day when three quarters of Britons will give in and break their New Year’s resolutions, it has emerged.

The good intentions to get fit, save money and lose weight get tested to the limit, with willpower going out of the window, as most start the first full week back at work since the festive break.

My New Year’s Resolution that has Reaped Amazing Rewards

The New Year is a time for big change. With a New Year, many look to improve themselves, but sometimes, the real motivation to follow through with a New Year’s Resolution, comes not from helping yourself, but in how you can benefits others. We spoke to children’s author Nicola J Rowley, who told us her story:

At the start of 2016, I made a New Year’s resolution to be kind to others. As with all resolutions, I fully intended to follow it through, and I’m glad to say that in doing so, it has led me down a path, which 12 months ago I never could have imagined.

Happy New Career? One in Three Hate Their Job

The New Year is a time when many resolve to find a new job, and that could be truer than ever this year. A new study released today indicates that job satisfaction in the UK is low, with many workers wishing they were doing something entirely different with their lives.

'Read More' Top of ‘NEW’ New Year’s Resolutions

Traditional New Year resolutions, such as quitting smoking, have been replaced by modern life changes like reading more and saving money, a study has revealed.

New technology and healthier lifestyles mean three quarters of Brits have binned ‘old fashioned’ vows relating to smoking, alcohol and exercise.

Current top resolutions are reading more books and saving money, the poll of 2,000 people found. The third biggest aim is losing weight while redecorating the house came fourth. In fifth place was taking better photographs on iPhones or iPads.

Movies Provide Inspiration for Life Changing New Year’s Resolutions

With millions of people all across the country using today to come up with the New Year’s Resolutions that encompass all of their hopes and dreams; it seems that most will be drawing inspiration from the nation’s love of movies. Researchers studied 2,000 adults in the UK and revealed the average Briton now watches four films a week on average –  a staggering 208 every year, and according to the report, these films trigger a host of changes in our lives, including around the world trips, changes in careers – even ending relationships.

Increase the Staying Power of Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions have a bad reputation – probably because many people have a few thoughts about what they might do and call them resolutions when they are not really resolved at all.

The good news is that research shows that when people make real resolutions, around 40% are still on track 6 months later. That’s probably a higher proportion than most people think.

So how do you give yourself the best chance of being in that 40% who are maintaining or getting closer to their goal?

Have You Made a Real Resolution?

One in Three Ready for New Year Creative Career

Every year millions of Britons resolve to make a change in their work situation, with finding a new job one of the top New Year’s Resolutions. But new research has shown that over a third of us are ready to log off from their desk-bound jobs entirely and launch a creative career.

A study of 2,000 UK adults shows 35 per cent want to study subjects such as photography, music and interior design – rather than carry on with their existing roles. In fact, if money were no object eight in 10 people would leave their jobs immediately to pursue a fine craft profession.

Nearly Half of Britons Too Unfit to Run for Bus

If your fitness is a concern this New Year, then you are far from alone. Almost half of women (48%) have confessed to being so unfit they would get out of breath running for the bus, according to new statistics released by the British Heart Foundation.

Be SMARTER to Stick to New Year’s Resolutions

Every year millions all over the nation make New Year’s Resolutions; to improve their health, change their diet, or give up a bade habit. While many succeed, countless others find the initial hope and promise dissipates and the Resolutions fall by the wayside.

The New Year’s Resolution Show spoke to Philip Clarke, Lecturer of Psychology at University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL), who gave us his top tips for making sure you are one of those who stick to your New Year’s Resolutions this year:  


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