A ‘Resolution Translator’ claiming to help people discover the perfect travel destination tied to their New Year's resolutions has discovered some interesting popularity of certain resolutions.

Fewer Smokers & Year-Round Healthy-Eating Change UK's Resolutions

Modern day New Year’s resolutions include cutting back on social media, travelling more, leaving work on time - and taking fewer selfies, a study conducted by Thomas Cook has found.

While age-old resolutions such as dieting and giving up cigarettes are still on the list of pledges for January, a dwindling number of smokers and year-round healthy-eating have seen a host of other resolutions become popular.

10 New York Attractions to Add to your 2016 Bucket List

brooklyn bridge best at travel

With beautiful people, a buzzing nightlife, and a constant on-the-go event calendar, it’s no surprise New York is known as “the city that never sleeps”. As it’s one of the top destinations to visit as a New Year's Resolution, Lauren Morling has rounded up 10 attractions to add to your New York City bucket list.

Travel Companies Must Entice Consumers At New Year

Consumers primarily choose travel experiences in January


Have A First-in-a-lifetime Holiday This Year

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, everybody dreams of once-in-a-lifetime holiday. There are some destinations, however, that deliver such incredible experiences that guests are compelled to go back again. After trying it out for the first time, they can't help turning that once-in-a-lifetime trip into a regular holiday destination. Two such adventurers, Pam and Bob McKeon from Gatley in Cheshire, found this out when they called local travel specialist, New Zealand In Depth, in 2014 and booked their dream trip away.

Warm and Healthy - The Right Way to Start Your New Year

After setting up all your ambitious New Year's resolutions, a warm and healthy getaway is exactly what you need to gear you up. Costa Adeje is an ideal destination filled with posh hotels and sandy beaches. Offering exceptional spas, gyms and outdoor activities, Adrián Hoteles properties are definitely the ones you don't want to miss if you are looking for a healthy holiday here as well.

Bluestone National Park: New Year Getaway

Don’t let the passing of Christmas get you down – keep your holiday spirits high with a break at Bluestone.

Second Saturday of the Year is Sunshine Saturday

Second Saturday of the New Year is the most popular time for Brits to book Summer Holidays.

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