Vitamins & Minerals Key To Maintain Your New Year Buzz

For many of us January represents the chance to turn over a new leaf and make some positive changes to our lives. However, with less than a quarter of Brits managing to stick to their resolutions – is it a pointless task? According to some psychologists it might not be, but only if you break your resolutions into smaller, more attainable goals which help contribute to an overall lifestyle change.

If your resolution is to lose weight or go to the gym more often, don’t make your goals too results driven and instead focus on the journey of adopting a healthier lifestyle in the New Year. In fact, by spending the first few weeks of the month going to the gym every night and restricting calories, you could in fact be setting yourself up for failure as it is unrealistic to carry on with this regime. Make realistic changes to your lifestyle: walk a bit of your journey to work, exercise three times a week, and nourish yourself with home cooked healthy meals, all of which help to contribute to a healthy lifestyle

An equally important change is to make sure that your daily intake of key vitamins and minerals is correct, as they are crucial in supporting the body’s ability to exercise. Active people especially need to make sure they are getting enough iron from their diet in order to help maintain their oxygen efficiency and energy levels. For those who find it hard getting enough iron from their diet alone, taking a natural liquid iron food supplement like SPATONE Apple is a great way to help maintain iron levels.

SPATONE Apple is working with Ashton Turner, a Personal Trainer and a founder of nutritional company Enhance Nutrition, to give top tips on how to make healthy lifestyle changes this New Year:

When trying to change bad habits tackle one at a time and put all your energy into it for two weeks before moving onto the next one - over time this creates a successful mindset.

Consistency is vital! Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will a new body. It takes time so stick with it and don't fall off the wagon, it will be worth it.

Clear the cupboard of all left over Christmas treats. By having them in your cupboard you'll be easily tempted to pick at them.

Find yourself a local group fitness class and sign up. Working out with like minded people can help keep you motivated and having a trainer on hand will push you.

Ensure you concentrate on quality recovery if you are increasing your exercise. Sleep is vital for recovery so aim for eight hours a night.

Reduce your intake of "bad" carbs such as biscuits and cakes and instead eat oats, rice and sweet potatoes as your carb sources. Aim to eat the majority of these after exercising.

Ensure you have a good quality protein source such as chicken, beef or fish with every meal.

Aim for half of your plate to be of dark leafy greens such as spinach or kale. These are high in vitamins and minerals.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail so plan out your meals for the day and cook them in bulk. Having food with you when you are on the go stops you from getting caught out and having to eat a packet sandwich.

To help maintain normal energy levels try taking an iron food supplement like SPATONE Apple liquid iron supplement. Iron levels can be low when you increase your exercise levels, so by taking an iron food supplement you can help top up your iron levels which contributes to normal oxygen transport in the body.

So, by maintaining your nutrient intake alongside an active lifestyle, your festive buzz should stay with you all the way to next year!

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