Top Tips to Spice up Your Sex Life in the New Year

If the post-Christmas malaise has left you feeling that your relationship has lost it’s spark, then treat this New Year as the perfectopportunity to spice things up. Adam Lewis, founder of award winning sex toy brand Hot Octopuss, and designer of award winning sex toy, PULSE, has pulled together his top five tips for keeping your sex life hot in the cold first few months of the New Year:

1. SWITCH IT UP: Once in a while, switch up your daily routine. Don’t go for dinner at the same old Italian down the road… Try something new. Arrange a date night and go somewhere neither of you have been before. Stepping out of your comfort zone is exciting every once in a while, and it’ll no doubt lead to a night of unprecedented romance.

2. UNPLUG: Giving your lover, love interest, or yourself, your full attention, is important. This is the 21st century after all, and there’s no denying technology can get in the way of old school romance. So turn off your phone for a night, switch off from the crazy world of social media. Concentrate solely on your sexual needs, and you’ll be bound for a more pleasurable experience at the end of it. They say whatever you put your mind to…

3. SET THE MOOD: Music can really help to set the mood in the bedroom, as well as get you feeling frisky before a little sexy time. Make yourself a Summer Sex Jams playlist, and pump up the volume whenever you’re in the mood for a little lovin’.

4. DITCH THE DRAWERS: We all love going commando every now and again. If you’ve never tried it, you should. I guarantee it’ll get you feeling frisky in no time, and if you’re headed out on a date night even better – you can tell you lover what you didn’t bring with you… One less thing to take off later.

5. BOOK A STAYCATION: If the post-Christmas catch-up means you can’t afford to get away from the hustle and bustle of work, book yourself a staycation. Get away from your bedroom for a night and check into a hotel. The spontaneity and luxury will do wonders for your imagination when getting down to *ahem* business.

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