Top 4 Movies to see in the New Year

If your New Year’s Resolution is to prise yourself off the couch and get out more, but you don’t want to be too active while doing so; there is no better compromise than a trip to your local cinema. Whether you are going alone, taking your partner, or even going on a first date with a potential new love, there is no better feeling than munching your way through a tub of popcorn and enjoying the latest releases.

Here are four of the best movies you could potentially see in the New Year.

Assassins Creed

Based on the best-selling computer game of the same name, the mind-bending plot sees heart-throb Michael Fassbender in a dual role, as his present day character is sent back in time to relive the memories of his ancestor, an assassin in the time of the Spanish Inquisition. With support from Academy Award winners Marion Cottilard and Jeremy Irons, this promises to be an action blockbuster with a brain.


The latest work from renowned director Martin Scorsese is based on a novel by Japanese author Shusaku Endo. It sees former Spiderman Andrew Garfield and Star Wars: The Force Awakens bad guy Adam Driver travelling to Japan to find their mentor, played by Liam Neeson. With a pedigree like this you can be sure it will be in contention come awards season.


The latest from divisive director M. Night Shyamalan, stars James McAvoy as a murderous kidnapper with multiple personalities. Split has already pegged as one of the scariest thrillers in years, and a real return to form for the director of the Sixth Sense.


A science-fiction romance starring Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and hot new star Chris Pratt, Passengers is one of the most eagerly anticipated new movies of the New Year. Set aboard a spaceship transporting over 5000 hibernating people to a distant colony, Pratt and Lawrence find themselves awake and stranded as their pods open 90 years too early. The two soon discover that the malfunction that caused them to be awoken prematurely is not the only problem afflicting the huge spaceship, but trying to find a solution is complicated as they begin to find themselves falling in love.

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