Resolve to Show you Care This New Year

While the New Year is generally a time when many Resolve to improve themselves, it can be equally as important to use the New Year to demonstrate to those close to you that you still care about them. Cooking someone’s favourite meal, making them a cup of tea without being asked – and watching a TV show or film you hate but know they enjoy are among the top ways to show you care, a study has found.

A poll, of 2,000 adults, has revealed the top ways to show you care, which also includes sharing your food with them, giving them the biggest or last slice of cake and doing the chores without being asked.

Preparing a healthy meal for them, taking them out for a surprise meal and taking an interest in a subject that interests them, even if you find it boring feature in the top 50.

Some people really go the extra mile to show they care by taking part in a New Year diet with them, or even joining them in an extreme New Year’s Resolution such as a marathon or charity run to offer support.

But while most do something to show they care to make the recipient feel loved, to cheer them up or to motivate them, more than four in ten admit to doing it to earn brownie points they can bank for later.

It also emerged eight in ten Brits consider themselves to be big-hearted, with the average adult doing something to show they care around once a day.

Camilla Sheeley from Tilda Basmati rice, who commissioned the research to launch a campaign for Genuine Goodness said:

“Everyone wants to feel they are cared for and appreciated and sometimes it only takes something small to make people feel this way. Something as simple as a spontaneous hug or just a smile can really make someone feel better.

She added “Food also appears to be a great way of showing you care – whether it’s just cooking them their favourite meal when they’ve had a hard day or making a healthy and nutritious dish to support them if they are on a special diet or not feeling 100%.”

Carole Ann Rice, Life Coach and author commented “Offering to cook a meal when someone is ill, remembering birthdays or special occasions, helping a friend declutter a spare room or join them on a scary hospital appointment can make life meaningful and rich. Little and often is the key to sustained happiness and enjoyment of life and that can be right here, right now and in the present.”

Giving them a compliment came fifth, with texting them to see how they are, saying ‘thank-you’, listening when they need to offload, saying ‘I love you’ for no reason and offering to share your food among the top ten.

Other ways to show you care include remembering important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries, recording their favourite TV show, or one you think they might enjoy and cooking a meal you know they like, despite it being something you aren’t keen on.

Researchers found 95 per cent of people say they make a conscious effort to show they care with the majority (74%) doing it to make someone feel loved. Others do it to cheer someone up (56%), to show their appreciation (64%), motivate them (28%) and to help someone become fit and healthy (16%).

But 42 per cent admit to doing something to show they care just to get brownie points or extra credit with their partner, friend or relative. And it’s men who are most likely to do this, with 47 per cent admitting to it compared to just 37 per cent of women. Thirty-eight per cent even said they have reminded someone of an act of kindness when they needed the favour returned.

It also emerged that 69 per cent of people believe food and cooking is a great way of showing someone that you care. The best type of meal to cook is their favourite dish, followed by a hearty dinner, a healthy meal or a meal from their childhood. And a staggering 85 per cent of people say having a meal cooked for them makes them feel cared for or appreciated.

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