Recovering From Break-Ups An Important Resolution

The New Year often sees twice as many couples choosing to break-up or begin divorce proceedings as at any other time of year. Christmas often forces families to spend extended amounts of time together. Such holidays are quickly followed by Valentine's Day, a time when people evaluate how happy they are with their partner. Whilst they may want to focus on the good, for some, this time of reflecting on their relationship may actually leading them to a split. 

Regardless of the reasons behind a decision to part ways, break-ups can be devastating. “One of the most painful things in life is loss, ” says expert break-up and divorce coach Sara Davison. 

“Losing someone we love, that you may have been with for your entire life, or even just a short period of time, can be heartbreaking, and turn your world upside down and can lead to a rollercoaster of emotions. A break-up or divorce launches us in to uncertain territory, nothing is normal, everything changes. From your home and daily routine to time spent with friends and family, break-ups can affect every area of your life,“ she says.

Ms Davison is running a two-day workshop that will help guide people through the separation process, rediscover their personal identity and set empowering goals to help people move forwards, and into a life that they feel excited to live.

The program offers one-to-one and group coaching from Sara and behavioural change expert Jules MacMillan, that will help individuals understand their emotions and equip them with the tools and strategies to be able to cope with the challenges that follow.

During the retreat, guests will work with the coaches to identify personal areas of concern and specific negative patterns that maybe becoming restrictive, as well as how to deal with difficult everyday situations that arise with break-ups such as; telling others that the relationship is over, dealing with family and friends, splitting up the marital home, and how to cope with becoming a single parent.

“This retreat will empower people going through the process of divorce to feel more in control” says Sara. “The retreat is a chance to escape from the daily routine and take some time out to focus on yourself, and an opportunity to meet like-minded people going through similar challenges in their lives.”

The next retreat begins on February 19th – 20th 2016, at a 5 Star Hotel based in Horsham, West Sussex.  

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