Quitting Smoking Can Help You Find a Job New Research Shows

Those who decide to make stopping smoking one of their New Year’s Resolutions may find themselves with an unexpected benefit; it will make them more employable!

Stats from 1999 – 2013 it has been found that smokers have a significantly lower rate of finding a job according to the Office of National Statistics.

The stats found that compared to those in employment, the unemployed are more likely to smoke more cigarettes, less likely to quit smoking and more likely to have smoked. What is more, unemployed smokers are less likely to find employment than their non-smoking counterparts.  

Intrigued by the results of a recent American study which suggests that those who are unemployed and smoke are less likely to find employment; Vapourlites asked British managers for their view on the issue. They revealed that while they are not allowed to discriminate between smoking and non-smoking job candidates, however, the smell of smoke or/and yellow stains from smoking on fingers or teeth can cost the candidate the job even if they are fully qualified. 

Image credit: purplequeue/Shutterstock


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