For most the New Year is a time when most are looking to make a change in their lives for the better; whether it is to improve your diet, start a new exercise regime, start looking for love or begin to pay more attention to your personal finances.

But there are many out there who are seemingly quite happy with their lot, and want the whole idea of New Year’s Resolutions to be done away with. One organisation has called for a halt to New Year Resolutions and is offering a sanctuary to men who don’t want to pledge to diet, give up the booze or join a gym!

Round Table, which boasts 400 clubs across Great Britain and Ireland for men aged 18-45, is pledging to remain a resolution free zone and is actively encouraging men across the country to seek refuge in their local club.

The ringing in of the ‘New Year’ provides an opportunity to look at life and make some changes. However, with almost 80 per cent of people failing to stick to their resolutions, the Association is opening its doors to those who want to do more – but without the stigma of failure.

Steve Glaister, president of Round Table Britain & Ireland, said: “New Year is about celebration and making the most of life…not a punishment pledge to radically change our lifestyle.

“The high failure rates show that resolutions are futile which is why they should be halted. Why feel a failure for not keeping to a resolution? Consequently, Round Table will stay a New Year Resolution free zone offering a safe haven for those that want to celebrate life, do more and feel success. This is an opportunity for men from all walks of life to try something new with no strings attached. I urge men across the country to discover a world of new activities and new skills.”

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