How to Succeed at the No.1 Failed New Year’s Resolution

Losing weight is the top New Year’s resolution every year and the hardest to keep, with 42% of people not even lasting a month. Success is also potentially short lived with 98% of people losing weight through dieting, gaining it back within a year. That’s only two people in every hundred being successful at losing weight and keeping it off.  The other ninety eight are on it then off it, restricting then bingeing, hopeful then hopeless, excited then disappointed, thinking this time will be different, but then failing once again. Losing, then gaining the same pounds over and over. In fact, statistics say that the average women spends up to 31 years of their life experiencing this vicious dieting cycle.

Defeating Diets’ weight and life transformation coach Jo Mason, knows this only too well from the women she speaks to on a daily basis. “It’s incredibly sad when I listen to their struggle, frustration, misery, fear and guilt. The desperation to feel better, but never really getting anywhere, except more demoralising failure. Never achieving the one thing they crave more than anything else, while dealing with the immense emotional roller coaster of yo-yoing up and down the scales. It’s the whole reason I do this job.”

As the founder of Defeating Diets, she has been on a mission, for the last ten years, to free women from the debilitating, all consuming misery that becomes their life, battling every day with food trying to “be good”. “What drives me is not really helping people to lose weight. It’s bringing freedom, relief and happiness to people’s lives and changing their life story to one where diets, food and weight battles simply don’t exist. At peace with themselves and how they eat.”

She wants to urge people, when thinking about New Year’s resolutions, to question what the goal is - to lose weight, or to finally rid yourself, and your life, of all this torturous yo-yoing? “If your goal is to try to lose weight, then dieting pretty much achieves that because you’ll be spending your whole life “trying” to lose weight. Start to question what your diet attempts or slimming regimes are really doing for you, before you embark on them once again.”

Instead, if you are considering weight loss this January here are her top tips for success:

No.1 Give up diets, counting, weighing and measuring.

Permanent weight loss with complete freedom from daily food battles, can NEVER be achieved through imposing rules and regulations. Diets enhance any issues that already exist because of the extra weight, fill your head with lots of very unhelpful thoughts and feelings, they don't fix the real reasons behind your eating and they DO NOT work long term.

No.2 Stop blaming yourself for having no willpower.

Losing weight has nothing to do with willpower. There will be genuine reasons why you find making the choices necessary to change your life, so difficult. The key lies in changing how you think and feel about food. Why is a certain piece of food worth so much more to you than your own health and happiness? Focus on answering this and food choices will come with ease.

No.3 Change your approach to food

How you eat has to come from a place of empowerment and free will. NOT rules, restrictions and force; counting, weighing or measuring. The answer lies in listening to your body. It has all the answers you need. You have a natural ability to know when and how much to eat. You just have to learn to tune in.

No.4 Get some proper help!

To overturn a lifetime of poor eating habits, diet rules and being either on or off a regime takes time and requires support from someone who knows more about it than you do.  If you don’t even know where to start with the three points above, then find someone who does. Someone who has the correct techniques, knowledge and information that will empower you to know exactly when, what and how much to eat without the need for any rules or restrictions, counting weighing or measuring at all.

For advice on any of the above go to or email Jo at


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