Don't by Struck by the Curse of the 9th

The 9th of January is the day when three quarters of Britons will give in and break their New Year’s resolutions, it has emerged.

The good intentions to get fit, save money and lose weight get tested to the limit, with willpower going out of the window, as most start the first full week back at work since the festive break.

Only a quarter of the 3,000 surveyed said they were confident they would stick to their resolutions throughout the whole of January. The study also revealed that physical and emotional wellbeing topped the priority lists for most of us for 2012 with seven out of ten either joining a gym or going for a jog in the last two weeks. While another six out of ten said they were trying to lose weight and eat more healthily.

Two thirds of people quizzed had a specific end goal in mind when setting their resolution, including reaching a target weight, clearing debt and saving for a holiday. Three out of ten said they are cutting down on alcohol while a quarter said they were going to stop smoking. More than a quarter said they had experienced a ‘health scare’ that made them reassess their lifestyle and encouraged them to make a change in 2012.

The resolutions emerged following a study carried out by All About Health which offers advice and online tools to help people with busy lifestyles manage their own health and identify what support they can receive from their local pharmacy.

Spokesman Ajit Malhi said: ”While 2011 took its toll for many of us financially, it’s important to look after your emotional and physical health to help you deal with the demands of today’s busy lifestyles. Setting resolutions is a great way start afresh but as the stats show it can be difficult to kick out old habits. This is where seeking help from your local All About Health pharmacist can help especially if you’re among the many trying to quit smoking or lose weight without much success in the past. All you have to do is walk in off the street and ask.”

Although most of the resolutions were motivated by a desire to get healthier, four out of ten people said they wanted to make changes so they were a ‘better person’ with many saying they wanted to improve their relationships with those around them.

A third were pushed into making their resolution after someone had specifically asked them to change their ways and one in ten said they were doing it for their children.

Sixty per cent said they prefer to keep their resolutions to themselves with many complaining that their friends and family will try and break their resolve and tempt them back into their bad ways.

Six in ten admitted making the same resolution last year with an average of four failed attempts.

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