Dating coach: dating apps "reinforce sense of never being able to find anyone"

Relationship therapist, Jo Warwick, has spent years working with male and female clients to help them develop the tools, skills and mindset needed to create lasting, passionate relationships. Her experiences are the inspiration for a new type of event, The Big Love Event, taking place in London on the 14th May 2016. There participants will be helped in a fun and interactive way to learn practical skills to change their approach to dating, love, and ultimately, relationships. They will learn how to let go of self-sabotaging patterns and understand the essential elements to attracting and finding the right person.

Jo, who describes herself as "happily dating" herself right now, said: “Increasingly I’ve seen both friends and clients feeling more and more disillusioned with dating sites and apps, which, rather then help them find love, actually reinforce their sense of never being able to find anyone to have a ‘real connection’ with. That’s why I set up The Big Love Event. I want to give more people the chance to stop feeling like a loser in love. There is a lot of confusing advice out there often promoting the same teenage dating rules & relationship games to chase down your girl, or catch your commitment phobic man. These are like using a hammer to wash the dishes when it comes to attracting a successful healthy adult relationship. Without the right skills it doesn't matter how many ways we try to meet someone or attempt at creating a relationship we will keep coming up against the same problems. Love maybe truly magical, but it doesn't have to be pot luck, and sometimes all we need is a little bit of new information and a small adjustment in how we are approaching it, to unlock the door to getting what we want and need to be happy." 

The course covers the skills for Quality - Not Quantity Dating. She will unveil her Love Guidance System to help peiople discover "The One". She will revie the unconcious choices people make which are the hidden block to why they meet the wrong people and keep repeating the patterns so they miss out on love. Jo believs there are 4 essential elements to healthy dating & having an abundant thriving relationship, which she will reveal at the event, as well as working on trust issues, managing passion, and introducing seduction techniques. 

On of Jo's clients, Karen from San Francisco, whom Jo coached over Skype said, "Jo helped me realize that the “old” way of working hard at love and relationships shifted the energy of a relationship to a panicky and dark feeling, and didn’t allow space for the unfolding of love and playfulness. When I was “working hard” at love, I was doing so from a place of fear and anxiety, which led to trying to control the other person or the outcome of the situation. This wasn’t good for anyone."

The first Big Love Event is on 14th May 2016, in Mayfair, London. More information is at

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