A ‘Resolution Translator’ claiming to help people discover the perfect travel destination tied to their New Year's resolutions has discovered some interesting popularity of certain resolutions.

Booking.com analysed the New Year's resolutions input into the "Resolution Translator" it been launched with a Dutch advertising company as "a fun way to uncover new destinations [to support] New Year’s resolutions." The marketing tactic is part of Booking.com’s ‘Best 2016 Ever’ campaign that encourages people to turn their New Year’s resolutions into awesome reservations. Booking.com emphasises the "fun" of the tool. It may not give the most effective advice on getting healthier, happier, richer or more fulfilled, but may give those with travel resolutions some new ideas for places to visit. 

However, an analysis of the New Year's resolutions input into the Resolution Translator has thrown up some interesting insight into the true resolutions of British and American consumers. It's no surprise that travelling and dating appeared as very popular New Year's resolutions - holidays, adventure and falling in love are generally positive experiences that many people desire. However, the analysis showed that twice as many people were resolved to improve their mental health in 2016 than ther physical health. More consumers want to drink less in 2016, than have more sex. Twice as many people want to use more technology in 2016, versus those that want to use technology less. And more people want to build their relationship with friends than with their family.

Visitors to the Resolution Translator are first prompted to enter their resolution; the tool then immediately serves up a unique translated resolution that combines bettering one's self with travel. The personalized result is then sharable across the users’ social channels. They can also browse through information about the destination to inspire them.  Accessible now via www.best2016ever.com the tool is a fun way to explore destinations around the world and awesome places to stay via Booking.com. For example, if a user enters “eat healthy” as their resolution, the ‘resolution translator’ may suggest eating fresh with the locals in a hotel in Marrakech, and will direct the user to Booking.com’s destination finder, where they will have a chance to explore their recommended trip. A user can search the same resolution multiple times with different recommended trips appearing each time.

“The New Year is always a time where people set resolutions of all types—with many inherently linked to travel. We wanted to create something to help people uncover the coolest places to visit and help them make their resolutions a success,” says Pepijn Rijvers, Chief Marketing Officer at Booking.com. "We want to go beyond the ordinary and our Resolution Translator is just one way in which we are leveraging the power of technology to help people experience the world.”

The Best 2016 Ever campaign launches today across the United States and United Kingdom supported by a TV commercal. Anyone in the world can use the Resolution Translator at www.best2016ever.com

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